Linear dynamic mathematical model and identification of micro turbojet engine for Turbofan Power Ratio control

    Khaoula Derbel   Affiliation
    ; Károly Beneda   Affiliation


Micro turbojets can be used for propulsion of civilian and military aircraft, consequently their investigation and control is essential. Although these power plants exhibit nonlinear behaviour, their control can be based on linearized mathematical models in a narrow neighbourhood of a selected operating point and can be extended by using robust control laws like H∞ or Linear Quadratic Integrating (LQI). The primary aim of the present paper is to develop a novel parametric linear mathematical model based on state space representation for micro turbojet engines and the thrust parameter being Turbofan Power Ratio (TPR). This parameter is used by recent Rolls-Royce commercial turbofan engines but can be applied for single stream turbojet power plants as well, as it has been proven by the authors previously. An additional goal is to perform the identification for a particular type based on measurements of a real engine. This model has been found suitable for automatic control of the selected engine with respect of TPR, this has been validated by simulations conducted in MATLAB® Simulink® environment using acquired data from transient operational modes.

Keyword : gas turbine engine, turbojet, Turbofan Power Ratio, linear mathematical model, state space representation, turbine engine control system, system identification, dynamic simulation

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Derbel, K. and Beneda, K. 2019. Linear dynamic mathematical model and identification of micro turbojet engine for Turbofan Power Ratio control. Aviation. 23, 2 (Dec. 2019), 54-64. DOI:
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Dec 17, 2019
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