Definition of contact stress in friction units on the basis of the acoustic emission method


The following results of acoustic emission signals researches were obtained during the change in contact stress. It is shown that the theoretical regularity of change in average level of the acoustic emission resulting signal at contact stress has a linear character. Analogical regularity is received during experimental researches. It is showed that the sensitivity of the acoustic emission method and the precision of determining contact stresses are considerably better, than the tensometry method. The recording of the moment when friction unit seize begins is also considerably more precise.


Nagrineti akustines emisijos galutinio signalo rezultatai kintant kontaktiniams itempimams. Nustatyta, kad akustines emisijos galutinio signalo vidutinio lygio kitimo teorine priklausomybe nuo kontaktiniu itempimu yra tiesine. Analogiška priklausomybe gauta ir eksperimento metu. Taip pat nustatyta, kad akustines emisijos metodo jautrumas ir kontaktiniu itempimu nustatymo tikslumas yra kur kas geresnis nei tenzometrijos metodo. Be to, kur kas anksčiau fiksuojamas laiko momentas, kai pradeda strigti trinties mazgas.

First Publish Online: 14 Oct 2010

Reikšminiai žodžiai: akustinė emisija, modeliavimas, kontktinis itempimas, signalo amplitudė, trinities mazgas, suardymas, strigimas, nustatymas.

Keyword : acoustic emission, modelling, contact stress, signal amplitude, friction unit, destruction, seizure, diagnosis

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Filonenko, S., Stadnychenko, V. and Stakhova, A. 2009. Definition of contact stress in friction units on the basis of the acoustic emission method. Aviation. 13, 3 (Sep. 2009), 72-77. DOI:
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Sep 30, 2009
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