Controllers for fault tolerant actuators

    Bogusław Dołega Affiliation
    ; Paweł Rzucidło Affiliation


The Fly‐by‐Wire technology enables flexible shaping of both effective dynamics and handling qualities of aircraft. This solution extends aircraft possibilities and supports the pilot by use of high‐level control laws. Application of FBW for aircraft would make flying both safer, and more popular. On the other hand the FBW system must be highly reliable. Advanced indirect flight control technology requires the use of actuators characterized by fault tolerant architecture. It should enable improvement of reliability of the aircraft control system and safety of performed flights effectively. The Electromechanical Actuator (EMA) consists of the electric motor, gearbox and controller. The actuator controller should be made intrinsically reliable and should be insensitive to other equipment failure. The conception of fault tolerant control algorithms as well as practical realization of it has been presented in this work. Tests of reliability of the complete EMA unit have also been presented herein.

First published online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : actuator, controller, Power‐by‐Wire, Fly‐by‐Wire

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Mar 31, 2007
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