Linear and non‐linear problems of plate dynamics

    Petras Baradokas Affiliation
    ; Edvard Michnevic Affiliation
    ; Leonidas Syrus Affiliation


This paper presents a comparative analysis of linear and non‐linear problems of plate dynamics. By expressing the internal friction coefficient of the material by power polynomial γ= γ0 + γ1ϵ0 + γ2ϵ0 2+…, we assume γ= γ0 = const for a linear problem. When at least two polynomial terms are taken, a non‐linear problem is obtained. The calculations of resonance amplitudes of a rectangular plate yielded 3 per cent error: a linear problem yields a higher resonance amplitude. Using the Ritz method and the theory of complex numbers made the calculations. Similar methods of calculation can be used in solving the dynamic problems of thin‐walled vehicle structures.

First published online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : plates, linear analysis, nonlinear analysis

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Baradokas, P., Michnevic, E. and Syrus, L. 2007. Linear and non‐linear problems of plate dynamics. Aviation. 11, 4 (Dec. 2007), 9-13. DOI:
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Dec 31, 2007
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