Influence of ageing on rivet‐bonded joint properties

    Petr Kachlík Affiliation
    ; Josef Klement Affiliation


Riveting and adhesive bonding are common joining technology in aircraft engineering. A hybrid joining such as rivet‐bonding brings together the benefits of both basic techniques whilst minimising some of their shortcomings. These technologies have been present mastered sufficiently, and their characteristics are well known. Due to different influences in aircraft service (weather, location of aircraft operation, air composition, contact with fuel or hydraulic fluid), a degradation of the characteristics of joints is well noticed. This research was focused on the ageing of rivet‐bonded joints with a polyurethane adhesive and blind rivets and the influence of ageing on the properties of joints. Ageing according EN 2243–5 was carried out in hot/wet conditions, salt mist, hydraulic fluid, and fuel. Thermal cycling was used as a resource of ageing.

First Published Online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : rivet-bonding, ageing, shear strength, peel strength, joint stiffness

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Kachlík, P. and Klement, J. 2005. Influence of ageing on rivet‐bonded joint properties. Aviation. 9, 2 (Jun. 2005), 24-28. DOI:
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Jun 30, 2005
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