The method of evaluation of the aircraft control system


The dynamical development of general aviation demands compilation of new aircraft control methods. Those methods allow people without special airborne qualifications to pilot these aircrafts. The main goals of such a control system are to reduce a pilot's load, to improve control precision, and to protect an aircraft against dangerous situations. There are many criterions applied to grading and describing an aircraft's flying characteristics and the handling qualities of general aviation airplanes equipped with classical mechanical control systems. But a modern, small, transport aircraft should be equipped with fly‐by‐wire control systems, and there are no clear, straight, rules rate and describe the handling qualities of small airplanes with fly‐by‐wire control systems. This paper presents a methodology created by the authors that classifies and compares the handling qualities of general aviation aircraft equipped with fly‐by‐wire control systems. It takes into consideration two parameters: pilot's effort during realization of ordered tasks and precision of his control.

First Published Online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : aircraft control system, handling qualities, flight tests

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Rogalski, T. and Dołęga, B. 2005. The method of evaluation of the aircraft control system. Aviation. 9, 2 (Jun. 2005), 29-34. DOI:
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Jun 30, 2005
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