Aims and Scope

The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering is a peer reviewed scientific journal publishing on all issues related to roads and bridges. It was instigated in 2004 to bring together research and knowledge specifically from three Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

  Road and bridge research and design,

  Road construction materials and technologies,

  Railway construction materials and technologies,

  Bridge construction materials and technologies,

  Road, railway and bridge repair,

  Road, railway and bridge maintenance,

  Road traffic safety,

  Road and bridge information technologies,

  Environmental issues,

  Road climatology,

  Low-volume roads,

  Normative documentation,

  Quality management and assurance,

  Road infrastructure and its assessment,

  Asset management,

  Road and bridge construction financing,

  Specialist pre-service and in-service training;


The journal also welcomes:

  reviews and bibliography,

  reports about conferences and workshops


The editors are grateful for the support of the the Lithuanian and Estonian Road Administrations, the state company “Latvian State Roads“, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Riga Technical University and Tallinn University of Technology as well as the Baltic Road Association for supporting and financing the publication of the journal.