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Published: 2019-10-09


The determinants of working capital management: the contextual role of enterprise size and enterprise age

Pambayun Kinasih Yekti Nastiti, Apriani Dorkas Rambu Atahau, Supramono Supramono
Abstract 372 | PDF Downloads 258

Page 94-110

Page 152-172

Impact of workplace environment on employee performance: mediating role of employee health

Iqra Hafeez, Zhu Yingjun, Saba Hafeez, Rafiq Mansoor, Khaliq Ur Rehman
Abstract 312 | PDF Downloads 178

Page 173-193

Impact of ethical leadership and thriving at work on psychological well-being of employees: mediating role of voice behaviour

Khadija Yousaf, Ghulam Abid, Tahira Hassan Butt, Sehrish Ilyas, Saira Ahmed
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 75

Page 194-217

Use of dynamic regression model for reduction of shortages in drug supply

Aurelija Burinskienė
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 218-231

Some approaches to evaluation macroeconomic efficiency of digitalisation

Elena Stremousova, Olga Buchinskaia
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 232-247

Network analysis of Pakistan stock market during the turbulence of economic crisis

Bilal Ahmed Memon, Hongxing Yao, Faheem Aslam, Rabia Tahir
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 269-285

Realistic planning of research and development projects

Dorota Kuchta
Abstract 37 | PDF Downloads 25

Page 309-326

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