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Published: 2018-05-30


Impact of human capital development on productivity growth in EU member states

Alma Mačiulytė-Šniukienė, Kristina Matuzevičiūtė
Abstract 431 | PDF Downloads 246

Page 1-12

Evaluation of enterprise survival: case of Latvian enterprises

Natalia Scacun, Irina Voronova
Abstract 144 | PDF Downloads 56

Page 13-26

Study of regional inequalities: case of Bulgaria

Ivaylo Ivanov
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 27-39

Competitiveness and economic development scenarios of Latvia

Astra Auzina-Emsina, Velga Ozolina, Remigijs Pocs
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 67

Page 40-53

Project management education in metallurgical companies in the Czech Republic

Jana Kostalova, Marie Bednarikova, Michal Patak
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 54-64

Reimagining Finland as a manufacturing base: the nearshoring potential of Finland in an industry 4.0 perspective

Jari Kaivo-Oja, Mikkel Stein Knudsen, Theresa Lauraéus
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 87

Page 65-80

Six smartness dimensions in cultural management: social/cultural environment perspective

Audronė Pauliukevičiūtė, Robertas Jucevičius
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 108-120

Business process management centre of excellence as a source of knowledge

Agnieszka Bitkowska
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 121-132

Mezzanine financing instruments in comparison to the classic financing sources

Libena Tetrevova, Jan Svedik
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 133-146

Development of social entrepreneurship in Latvia

Aija Sannikova, Inara Brante
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 31

Page 147-159

Page 160-173

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