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Published: 2021-02-09


On the failure and systemic risk of innovation cluster: copula approach

Laura Gudelytė
Abstract 144 | PDF Downloads 126

Page 24-33

Macroeconomic indicators and yield curve of Indonesian government bond

Perdana Wahyu Santosa
Abstract 236 | PDF Downloads 153

Page 34-48

Modelling volatility spillovers, cross-market correlation and co-movements between stock markets in European Union: an empirical case study

Jatin Trivedi, Cristi Spulbar, Ramona Birau, Amir Mehdiabadi
Abstract 185 | PDF Downloads 156

Page 70-90

Further education, its methods and selected characteristics of organisations: an empirical study of their association with organisations profitability

Pavel Pudil, Petr Somol, Irena Mikova, Vladimir Pribyl, Lenka Komarkova
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 72

Page 111-130

Empowering women at the higher institutional level: analysis of business education and leadership training program

Summra Khalid, Wang Dan, Amir Sohail, Wahid Raza, Bushra Khalid, Ahmad Ur-Rehman
Abstract 191 | PDF Downloads 129

Page 150-169

Page 170-179

Building information modelling: procurement procedure

Vladimir Popov, Milena Medineckienė, Tatjana Grigorjeva, Arūnas Remigijus Zabulėnas
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 66

Page 180-197

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