Econometric methodology of monopolization process evaluation

    Dmitrijs Skoruks Affiliation
    ; Maija Šenfelde Affiliation


The research “Econometric Methodology of Monopolization Process Evaluation” gives a perspective description of monopolization process’ nature, occurrence source, development procedure and internal conjuncture specifics, as well as providing an example of modern econometrical method application within a unified framework of market competition analysis for the purpose of conducting a quantitative competition evaluation on an industry level for practical use in both private and public sectors.

The main question of the aforementioned research is the definition and quantitative analysis of monopolization effects in modern day globalized markets, while constructing an empirical model of the econometric analysis, based on the use of international historical experience of monopoly formations standings, with the goal of introducing a further development scheme for the use of both econometrical and statistical instruments in line with the forecasting and business research need of enterprises and regulatory functions of the public sector. The current research uses a vast variety of monopolization evaluation ratios and their econometrical updates on companies that are involved in the study procedure in order to detect and scallar measure their market monopolizing potential, based on the implemented acquired market positions, turnover shares and competition policies.

Keyword : monopolization process, applicable econometrical modeling, competition level analysis, market conjuncture, industry development trends

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Skoruks, D., & Šenfelde, M. (2014). Econometric methodology of monopolization process evaluation. Business, Management and Economics Engineering, 12(1), 47-59.
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Jun 30, 2014
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