Students’ entrepreneurship development improvement tendencies in Lithuania


Main students’ characteristics, necessary in order to become a successful entrepreneur, are presented in the theory of enterprise. The analysis, helping to realize how the educators understand the concept of entrepreneurship, is carried out. The evaluation of entrepreneurship development integration into other le-arning subjects is carried out as well. Entrepreneurship development methods used in the enterprise development program are identified in the article. A study covers the problems, which educators of educational institutions face while developing the entrepreneurship of the students. While summarizing the analysis of the study, the development tendencies of students’ entrepreneurship in Lithuanian schools are presented in the article.

Moksleivių verslumo ugdymo tobulinimo kryptys Lietuvoje

Straipsnio kalba: Lietuvių.

Keyword : Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship skills and traits

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Župerka, A. (2010). Students’ entrepreneurship development improvement tendencies in Lithuania. Business, Management and Economics Engineering, 8(1), 299-311.
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Dec 20, 2010
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