Journal History


1998–2010 • ISSN 1648-8156 Verslas, vadyba ir studijos [conference proceedings] Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Edited by:  Romualdas Ginevičius (1998–2000), Arnoldina Pabedinskaitė (2001–2007), Jelena Stankevičienė (2008–2010).

2011– • ISSN 2029-7491 / eISSN 2029-6169 Business, Management and Education [research journal]

Editor-in-Chief Jelena Stankevičienė (2011–).

Publisher VGTU Press (1998–).

In 2016–2019, publishing costs of papers were partially funded by the project "Publication and Coordination of Scientific Periodicals, 2016–2019" (Code No. 09.3.3-ESFA-V-711-01-0004, No. PML-2016/03). The project was implemented by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in partnership with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and other Lithuanian institutions. Read more about the Project: