The impact of strategic human resource management on organizational resilience: an empirical study on hospitals

    Sura I. Al-Ayed Affiliation


The aim of this study was to explore the impact of strategic human resource management practices (strategic value of human resource practices, human resource analytics and high-performance work practices) on organizational resilience (cognitive, behavioral and contextual dimensions) in private hospitals. The required data for the purpose of this study were collected by a questionnaire developed on the basis of related works. The questionnaire was developed based on exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. It consisted of 30 items divided into two domains, the first one to measure strategic resource management practices (15 items), and the second one to measure organizational resilience (15 items). The study population was consisted of employees working at private hospitals. The questionnaires were distributed to a random sample of 500 administrative staff working in private hospitals. A total of 449 valid responses were retrieved with a response rate of 89.9%, which is high percent because the researcher visited the hospitals and distributed the questionnaires personally. Using IBM SPSS 24.0 and AMOS 22, the results confirmed that strategic human resource management practices have a positive impact on organizational resilience. In terms of the separate effects of strategic HRM practices, the results showed that strategic value of human resource practices was the most influential variable on organizational resilience, followed by human resource analytics, then high performance work practices The study concluded that the hospital’s ability to be resilient requires an advance planning when formulating the human resources strategy that is supposed to be integrated into the hospital’s strategy.

Keyword : strategic human resources management practices, organizational resilience, hospitals

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Al-Ayed, S. I. (2019). The impact of strategic human resource management on organizational resilience: an empirical study on hospitals. Business: Theory and Practice, 20, 179-186.
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Mar 26, 2019
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