Identification the ways of counteraction of the threats to the financial security of high-tech enterprises

    Vasil Franchuk   Affiliation
    ; Oleg Omelchuk   Affiliation
    ; Stepan Melnyk Affiliation
    ; Mykhailo Kelman   Affiliation
    ; Oksana Mykytyuk   Affiliation


Identified key external and internal threats significantly affect the process of ensuring the financial security of the enterprise. The application of the mechanism of counteraction to the influence of external and internal threats is characterized by important. The mechanism for countering threats to the financial security of a high-tech enterprise, unlike existing ones, combines a certain essence and hierarchical ordering of the influence of key external and internal threats, involves targeted tracking of changes in the operational environment, identification of the moment of occurrence of threats, prediction of possible results of their implementation, regulating the choice of the established option actions (adaptive, active and protective), control over security, result from the application of which is the rapid adaptation to possible changes, to neutralize the negative impact of and response to threats of action in order to maintain the necessary level of financial security enterprise. The results of the study can be used in the practical activities of enterprises in the high-tech sector of the economy

Keyword : financial security, high-tech enterprises, threats, mechanism

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Franchuk, V., Omelchuk, O., Melnyk, S., Kelman, M., & Mykytyuk, O. (2020). Identification the ways of counteraction of the threats to the financial security of high-tech enterprises. Business: Theory and Practice, 21(1), 1-9.
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Jan 13, 2020
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