Aspects of intellectual capital evaluation

    Asta Stankevičienė Affiliation
    ; Aušra Liučvaitienė Affiliation


This article analyses possible aspects of intellectual capital evaluation in Lithuanian companies. The first part of the article presents interpretation of the definition of an intellectual capital. The latter concept is analysed according to its description basis and possible control methods.Also, it presents the structure of intellectual capital disclosing the main aspects of intellectual capital evaluation. In the second part notably great attention is paid to the intellectual capital evaluation aspects identifying main problems and presenting possible ways for their solution. By presenting general intellectual capital measuring and evaluation models and indices, it is aimed to apply the latter for evaluation of the intellectual capital of Lithuanian companies. While carrying out the research, the data of questionnaire inquiry, expert (ranging of indices of intellectual capital) evaluation and multi-criteria method were referred to. The results of the research have revealed that the index of the intellectual capital in the investigated small (9 employees) and medium (90 employees) companies differs. The received rate value in the small company equals to 0.398, i.e. low evaluation and respectively in the medium company it is 0.704, i.e. medium evaluation. In such case it can be stated that the result of intellectual capital evaluation is conditioned by the size of the company, its activity and view of the managers themselves on the demand for intellectual capital measuring. Expedience of intellectual capital measuring and evaluation could be determined by the attitude that the latter is directly related to acquiring and maintaining the competitive advantage.

Keyword : capital, intellectual capital, intangible asset, structure of intellectual capital, intellectual capital measuring indices, intellectual capital evaluation scheme

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Stankevičienė, A., & Liučvaitienė, A. (2012). Aspects of intellectual capital evaluation. Business: Theory and Practice, 13(1), 79-93.
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Mar 7, 2012
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