Examination of economic convergence of the Slovak Republic

    Miriam Jankalová Affiliation
    ; Radoslav Jankal Affiliation


The convergence criteria about the entry of the country into the Eurozone expressly predicate „only“ of thetemporary competence to conform the monetary and fiscal policies to the requirements of the current Eurozone members.The convergence criteria do not indicate the readiness rate of economics subjects and conditions for Eurozone and do notpredicate about the functionality of Eurozone also. It is understandable, to a certain extent, from the view of currentmembers of Economic and Monetary Union, that they test the „candidates“, if they do not cause the financial problemsto them.

Keyword : convergence criteria, European Union, Eurozone, monetary union, stability

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Jankalová, M., & Jankal, R. (2008). Examination of economic convergence of the Slovak Republic. Business: Theory and Practice, 9(1), 45-50.
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Mar 19, 2008
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