Vol 16 No 1 (2015)

Published: 2019-06-05


Comparative evaluation of national intellectual capital measurement models

Rasa Aleknavičiūtė, Irena Mačerinskienė
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Page 1-14

Determination of economic indicators in the context of corporate sustainability performance

Marie Docekalova, Alena Kocmanová, Jiří Koleňák
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Page 15-24

Preference of e-bike by women in India–a niche market for auto manufacturers

Ramachandran Alamelu, Chandrasekaran Sivasundaram Anushan, Sivasankara Gandhi Selvabaskar
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Page 25-30

Intellectual capital approach to modern management through the perspective of a company’s value added

Rima Tamosiuniene, Simona Survilaitė, Vladimir Shatrevich
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Page 31-44

The implementation of social responsiveness initiatives: case of Lithuania

Valentinas Navickas, Rima Kontautienė
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Page 45-52

A pilot study: vital methodological issues

Osama Hazzi, Issa Maldaon
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Page 53-62

Proposal of innovative approaches of relationship marketing in business

Viliam Lendel, Michal Varmus
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Page 63-74

Social networks and their importance in job searching of college students

Marek Potkány, Alexandra Hajduková
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Page 75-83

Alternative investments: valuation of wine as a means for portfolio diversification

Daiva Jurevičienė, Agnė Jakavonytė
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Page 84-93

Venture capitalists’ investment selection criteria in CEE countries and Russia

Marek Zinecker, David Bolf
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Page 94-103

Short-term momentum effect: a case of Middle East stock markets

Petr Polak, Abdullah Ejaz
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Page 104-112

The impact of age, education and seniority on motivation of employees

Miloš Hitka, Žaneta Balážová
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Page 113-120