A simplified calculation method for symmetrical loading of a single-span composite string steel structure


The article presents single-span composite string steel structure. The article discusses the calculation method for the single-span composite string structure when the load is symmetrical, while the string and bottom cable act as absolutely flexible elements. It presents the way the displacements and the shear force in the supports are calculated for the distributed and concentrated loads. Calculations with a pre-tensioned string are provided. The results are compared with the results obtained with the finite element method program.  The conclusions present the results obtained.

Keyword : bridge, symmetrical load, suspended cable, string, nonlinear analysis, hanging road, displacements, innovate structure

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Beivydas, E. (2019). A simplified calculation method for symmetrical loading of a single-span composite string steel structure. Engineering Structures and Technologies, 11(2), 70-73.
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Oct 14, 2019
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