Use an open source Change Matters site to measure the vegetation index in the Western plateau of Anbar in Iraq

    Ahmed Alkubaisi   Affiliation


As a result of the development of geo-technologies, in recent years, software has emerged that has provided the possibility of deriving information. The most important of these are geographic information systems (GIS), which are many sources in satellite data from multi-spectral satellites, The source via the Internet is one of the most important modern means of providing large data that varied between maps and satellite images (LANDSAT-SPOT-NASA).
The study of land cover changes is one of the most important subjects of interest to the sciences and in particular the geographical research related to the environment and its effects on humans and living organisms. In the current research, the data of interactive open source maps were adopted, which provided the possibility of analysis.
Using the Change Matters esri, it is one of the most efficient locations for detection of land cover changes by dealing with visuals for different periods of time. The study also reviewed some of the open source websites dealing with GIS to indicate their importance and role in the analysis and production of maps. The research aims to employ open-source digital technologies via the web to extract information about land cover changes.

Keyword : geographic information systems, open source sites, vegetation cover, spatial analysis

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Alkubaisi, A. (2020). Use an open source Change Matters site to measure the vegetation index in the Western plateau of Anbar in Iraq. Geodesy and Cartography, 46(1), 34-40.
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Apr 10, 2020
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