Influence of temperature on accuracy of height connection measurement

    Jitka Mučkova Affiliation
    ; Rostislav Dandoš Affiliation
    ; Petr Jadviščok Affiliation
    ; Miroslav Konečny Affiliation


The purpose of depth measurement is to bring the altitude from the surface to the connected horizon (level) by means of a vertical mine. Points, for which the height is determined in this way, are part of the fundamental mining vertical control, and their height should therefore be determined as accurately as possible. There are several ways of this measurement and the temperature has influence on accuracy of each of them. The paper is dedicated to evaluation of influence of temperature, applying results of height connection measurement carried out at Karvina mine. Two measurements were performed in ČSA 2 shaft and the other in shaft Mir 5 of Darkov mine in Ostrava-Karvina Coal District, CZE. Height connection measurement by a vertical mining work was done in two ways: using the depth tape and using the electro-optical distance meter.

Keyword : height connection measurement, influence of temperature, depth tape section, electronic distance meter, correction from temperature, determination of temperature, changes of temperature in vertical mining work

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Mučkova, J., Dandoš, R., Jadviščok, P., & Konečny, M. (2016). Influence of temperature on accuracy of height connection measurement. Geodesy and Cartography, 42(1), 16-19.
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Apr 8, 2016
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