Informal sector strategy in urban inorganic waste management toward 3 M management (Merubah: Changing, Mengurangi: Reducing, Manfaat: Benefit) in Semarang city

    Djoko Indrosaptono Affiliation
    ; Joesron Alie Syahbana Affiliation


Moreover urban waste can be seen as a cultural problem because it affects various aspects of life, and the impact on urban waste management system nowadays are not effective and efficient yet. The reason for conducting this research is the emergence of the informal sector phenomena of urban waste management that can contribute to reduce the volume of urban waste production. The purpose of this research is to find out the informal sector strategy in urban waste management, especially inorganic waste. The researchers used qualitative research to explain the phenomenon as the focus of research.

The result of research is 3M phenomenon, that is derived from Indonesian words (Mengubah = Changing, Mengurangi = Reducing, Manfaat = Benefit), in the management of urban inorganic waste. The explanation are; Mengubah: turning waste into economic value; Mengurangi: If the economic value of the urban waste volumes increases, the volume of urban waste will eventually be reduced; and Manfaat: the benefits obtained are management cultivating empowerment, reducing the burden of the landfill volume, being closer to inorganic zero waste condition.

Suggestions are as follows: [a] development of management towards go-green, [b] urban waste management based on predictable community empowerment will be more effective and efficient in the future.

Keyword : strategy, informal sector, management, inorganic waste, urban, 3 M (Mengubah = Changing, Mengurangi = Reducing, Manfaat = Benefit)

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Dec 26, 2017
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