Should we put locals in charge? Managing relationships within prospective us – South African joint ventures


Using a data set derived from South African managers in our empirical analysis of potential U.S.‐South Africa agreements. The picture that emerges from the analysis, posits that the need for highest work performance, knowledge management and strict control is high and the South African government's administrative barriers seem to be the most crucial problems for the prospective joint ventures. Furthermore, South African managers endorse issues such as plan for knowledge acquisition, distribution, interpretation and organizational memory/performance. US companies invest in South Africa to gain access to its market and South African companies get into joint ventures with US companies to tap into the appropriate knowledge know‐how and financial resources. Key directions for future research in international business stemming from the conceptual framework are also highlighted.


Galimu JAV ir Pietu Afrikos sutarčiu empirinei analizei buvo naudoti duomenys, surinkti iš Pietu Afrikos imoniu vadovu. Gauti analizes rezultatai parode, kad didesnio darbo našumo, žiniu valdymo ir griežtos kontroles poreikis yra didelis ir kad administraciniai Pietu Afrikos vyriausybes barjerai yra viena iš didžiausiu kliūčiu bendroms imonems kurtis. Pietu Afrikos imoniu vadovai pritaria tokiems klausimams, kaip žiniu igijimo planai, platinimas, interpretavimas ir organizacine atmintis. JAV imones investuoja i Pietu Afrika noredamos ieiti i jos rinka. Pietu Afrikos imones susijungia su JAV imonemis, noredamos gauti reikalingu žiniu (know‐how) ir finansiniu ištekliu. Straipsnyje išryškinama pagrindine tarptautinio verslo ateities tyrimu kryptis.

First Published Online: 10 Feb 2011

Reikšminiai žodžiai: valdymas, pasitikejimas, tarptautines imones, JAV ir Pietu Afrikos aljansai

Keyword : management, trust, IJVs, U.S.-South Africa alliances

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Akande, W. A., Adetoun, B. E., Tserere, M. M., Adewuyi, M. F., & Akande, E. T. (2010). Should we put locals in charge? Managing relationships within prospective us – South African joint ventures. Journal of Business Economics and Management, 11(4), 550-575.
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Dec 31, 2010
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