An integrated fuzzy ANP–QFD approach for green building assessment

    Joshua Ignatius Affiliation
    ; Amirah Rahman Affiliation
    ; Morteza Yazdani Affiliation
    ; Jonas Šaparauskas Affiliation
    ; Syarmila Hany Haron Affiliation


One of the major concerns in the construction industry is the sustainability of building projects. There are various trade-offs between functionality and design, which often lead to an issue of whether sustainably designed build­ings would meet stakeholder requirements. This paper provides a novel integrated structure for assessing green buildings realistically based on stakeholders’ fuzzy preferences. In particular, the paper uses the analytic network approach (ANP) to evaluate the correlation matrices in a quality function deployment (QFD) framework. A case study on green building index assessment in Malaysia illustrates the proposed integrated method. Sensitivity analysis validated the customer-stakeholder agreement towards the design of the green building. Cluster analysis was also used to group design specifi­cations prior to the analysis.

Keyword : MCDM, fuzzy ANP, QFD, green building assessment, performance evaluation

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Ignatius, J., Rahman, A., Yazdani, M., Šaparauskas, J., & Haron, S. H. (2016). An integrated fuzzy ANP–QFD approach for green building assessment. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 22(4), 551-563.
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Aug 27, 2016
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