Identification of the most important factors in the compaction process

    Antonio Amadore Affiliation
    ; Gaetano Bosurgi Affiliation
    ; Orazio Pellegrino Affiliation


The compaction of a hot mix asphalt depends on a number of important factors whose control, during the execution of the pavement, is complex; however it is essential to achieve the results envisaged in the design with the least possible cost. Therefore, the evaluation of the effect of these variables on the material density is important as well as their quantification in real time. This research, starting from a survey of some environmental variables, together with the hot mix asphalt density using an electrical impedance device, through the application of a neuro-fuzzy technique, proposes a procedure to classify the most important features. These results can be rapidly deduced during the paving operations; calibrations required to correct the compaction can be applied on site without waiting further time necessary for the extraction of the cores and the subsequent laboratory analysis. In this way it is possible to identify with a better precision the aspects of the environmental context requiring more attention. In addition, the model permits the inclusion of new input variables and additional data that can be recorded in following phases.

Keyword : compaction, hot mix asphalt, density, neuro fuzzy, electrical density gauge

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Amadore, A., Bosurgi, G., & Pellegrino, O. (2014). Identification of the most important factors in the compaction process. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 19(1), S116-S124.
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Jan 9, 2014
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