Topical issues of systems engineering

    Alexander Gusakov Affiliation
    ; Olga Ilina Affiliation
    ; Ekaterina Kulikova Affiliation
    ; Olga Melikhova Affiliation


The article deals with topical issues of systems engineering development which is considered as a scientific-engineering methodology of effective design and functioning of construction systems and intersystem ties that are of great diversity and individuality. The authors investigate the processes of forming and selecting CAD information strategies, norms- and rule-making in construction sphere, methods of macrodesign of construction systems.

First Published Online: 26 Jul 2012

Keyword : systems engineering, computer-aided design (CAD), hardly formalised information, neural networks

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Gusakov, A., Ilina, O., Kulikova, E., & Melikhova, O. (2003). Topical issues of systems engineering. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 9(3), 214-217.
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Sep 30, 2003
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