Numerical tests of steel beam-to-column semi-rigid connections

    Kęstutis Urbonas Affiliation
    ; Alfonsas Daniūnas Affiliation


This paper presents an analysis of semi-rigid beam-to-column connections in which the beam is connected to column not at 90 degrees angle. Beam-to-column bolted end-plate connections that are subjected to pure bending were modelled by three-dimensional finite elements. Numerical modelling of connection covers the geometrical and material non-linearities as well as contact and separation between various components of connection. Moment-rotation M-Φ curves for modelled connections using numerical results are made and stress distribution in connection components is presented. The study shows a significant influence of inclination of beam and quantity and location of bolts on the joint rigidity.

First Published Online: 26 Jul 2012

Keyword : steel structures, semi-rigid joints, beam-to-column connections, moment-rotation curve, finite element method, numerical tests

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Urbonas, K., & Daniūnas, A. (2003). Numerical tests of steel beam-to-column semi-rigid connections. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 9(4), 292-296.
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Dec 31, 2003
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