Influence of mitosporic fungi upon zinc-polymeric coatings on steel under the different environment

    Albinas Lugauskas Affiliation
    ; Igoris Prosyčevas Affiliation
    ; Algirdas Narkevičius Affiliation
    ; Aušra Selskienė Affiliation
    ; Dalia Bučinskienė Affiliation
    ; Alma Ručinskienė Affiliation
    ; Elena Binkauskienė Affiliation


Zinc-polymeric coating samples were exposed to different environmental conditions (for 2 years): marine – dunes on the shore of the Baltic Sea (Neringa), rural-agrarian district of Moletai and the industrial zone of Vilnius. During the whole period of the study 94 species of fungi, were isolated from the exposed samples of zinc-polymeric coating on steel. The zinc-polymeric coatings exposed to marine and rural-agrarian environments were deteriorated most markedly. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to characterize the morphology of the surface. The phase composition of the zinc-polymeric coatings on the steel substrate was analysed by an X-ray diffractometer (XRD). The products formed on the zinc-polymeric coatings were detected by a Fourier transformation infrared spectrometer (FTIR). The effect of environmental conditions on the mass change of the samples was determined by the standard dissolution method.

First published online: 08 Feb 2013

Keyword : zinc-polymeric coating, steel, mitosporic fungi, environmental impact, changes of surface, corrosion

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Lugauskas, A., Prosyčevas, I., Narkevičius, A., Selskienė, A., Bučinskienė, D., Ručinskienė, A., & Binkauskienė, E. (2013). Influence of mitosporic fungi upon zinc-polymeric coatings on steel under the different environment. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management, 21(3), 199-208.
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Oct 14, 2013
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