Comparison of air distribution systems in ice rink arena ventilation

    Agnieszka Stobiecka Affiliation
    ; Barbara Lipska Affiliation
    ; Piotr Koper Affiliation


The paper presents the requirements and functions of ventilation in ice rink arenas and discusses difficulties and problems of ventilation in such objects. Particular attention has been paid to two types of inside used air distribution systems – traditional-integrated and modern-separated where the functions of tribune ventilation and dehumidification of the air over the ice surface were separated. The flow of humid air and heat in the designed hall was modelled numerically using the ANSYS CFX code based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. Air distribution systems in the ice rink arena were compared based on the results of numerical calculations.

Keyword : ice rink, ventilation, air distribution, heat and moisture balance, numerical calculation CFD

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Stobiecka, A., Lipska, B., & Koper, P. (2013). Comparison of air distribution systems in ice rink arena ventilation. Mokslas – Lietuvos Ateitis / Science – Future of Lithuania, 5(4), 429-434.
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Nov 25, 2013
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