Expert Estimates Averaging by Constructing Intuitionistic Fuzzy Triangles

    Aleksandras Krylovas Affiliation
    ; Natalja Kosareva Affiliation


The problem of ranking (sorting) of m alternatives is considered when experts evaluate each alternative according to k criteria. Functions of arithmetic and geometric averages are constructed for decision making. We present a generalization of this scheme when there are evaluation matrices of several experts and this information is aggregated in the form of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. Fuzzy triangles were constructed with different uncertainty levels, experts decision matrices and the number of experts varied from 2 to 5. Moreover, method for construction of experts decision probability matrices is proposed in the paper. Ranking results obtained by performing Monte Carlo simulations. Probabilities of errors are compared for arithmetic, geometric, fuzzy arithmetic and fuzzy geometric averages.

Keyword : intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, Monte Carlo simulations, multiple criteria decision making

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Krylovas, A., & Kosareva, N. (2015). Expert Estimates Averaging by Constructing Intuitionistic Fuzzy Triangles. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 20(3), 409-421.
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Jun 2, 2015
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