Direct and Inverse Acoustic Scattering by a Combined Scatterer

    Jing Jin Affiliation
    ; Jun Guo Affiliation
    ; Mingjian Cai Affiliation


This paper is concerned with the scattering problem of time-harmonic acoustic plane waves by a union of a crack and a penetrable inhomogeneous medium with compact support. The well-posedness of the direct problem is established by the variational method. An uniqueness result for the inverse problem is proved, that is, both the crack and the inhomogeneous medium can be uniquely determined by a knowledge of the far-field pattern for incident plane waves. The linear sampling method is employed to recover the location and shape of the combined scatterer. It is worth noting that we make the first step on reconstructing a mixed-type scatterer of a crack and an inhomogeneous medium by the linear sampling method.

Keyword : combined scatterer, inverse scattering problem, uniqueness, the linear sampling method

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Jin, J., Guo, J., & Cai, M. (2015). Direct and Inverse Acoustic Scattering by a Combined Scatterer. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 20(3), 422-442.
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Jun 2, 2015
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