Dunkl-Poisson Equation and Related Equations in Superspace


In this paper, we investigate the Almansi expansion for solutions of Dunkl-polyharmonic equations by the 0-normalized system for the Dunkl-Laplace operator in superspace. Moreover, applying the 0-normalized system, we construct solutions to the Dunkl-Helmholtz equation, the Dunkl-Poisson equation, and the inhomogeneous Dunkl-polyharmonic equation in superspace.

Keyword : normalized system, super Dunkl-Laplace operator, Dunkl-Helmholtz equation, Dunkl-Poisson equation, inhomogeneous Dunkl-polyharmonic equation

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Yuan, H. F., & Karachik, V. V. (2015). Dunkl-Poisson Equation and Related Equations in Superspace. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 20(6), 768-781.
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Nov 23, 2015
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