Homogenization of elastic plate equation∗

    Krešimir Burazin Affiliation
    ; Jelena Jankov Affiliation
    ; Marko Vrdoljak Affiliation


We are interested in general homogenization theory for fourth-order elliptic equation describing the Kirchhoff model for pure bending of a thin solid symmetric plate under a transverse load. Such theory is well-developed for second-order elliptic problems, while some results for general elliptic equations were established by Zhikov, Kozlov, Oleinik and Ngoan (1979). We push forward an approach of Antoni´c and Balenovi´c (1999, 2000) by proving a number of properties of H-convergence for stationary plate equation.

Keyword : Kirchhoff model of elastic plate, homogenization, H-convergence, correctors

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Burazin, K., Jankov, J., & Vrdoljak, M. (2018). Homogenization of elastic plate equation∗. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 23(2), 190-204.
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Apr 18, 2018
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