Global existence and finite time blow-up of solutions to a nonlocal p-Laplace equation

    Jian Li Affiliation
    ; Yuzhu Han Affiliation


In this paper a class of nonlocal diffusion equations associated with a p-Laplace operator, usually referred to as p-Kirchhoff equations, are studied. By applying Galerkin’s approximation and the modified potential well method, we obtain a threshold result for the solutions to exist globally or to blow up in finite time for subcritical and critical initial energy. The decay rate of the L2 norm is also obtained for global solutions. When the initial energy is supercritical, an abstract criterion is given for the solutions to exist globally or to blow up in finite time, in terms of two variational numbers. These generalize some recent results obtained in [Y. Han and Q. Li, Threshold results for the existence of global and blow-up solutions to Kirchhoff equations with arbitrary initial energy, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 75(9):3283–3297, 2018].

Keyword : p-Kirchhof, potential well, global existence, blow up, initial energy

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Li, J., & Han, Y. (2019). Global existence and finite time blow-up of solutions to a nonlocal p-Laplace equation. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 24(2), 195-217.
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Feb 5, 2019
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