A novel SIMPLE-based pressure-enthalpy coupling scheme for engine flow problems

    Maximilian Emans Affiliation
    ; Zoran Žunič Affiliation
    ; Branislav Basara Affiliation
    ; Sergey Frolov Affiliation


A novel method in CFD derived from the SIMPLE algorithm is presented. Instead of solving the linear equations for each variable and the pressurecorrection equation separately in a so-called segregated manner, it relies on the solution of a linear system that comprises the discretisation of enthalpy and pressurecorrection equation which are linked through physical coupling terms. These coupling terms reflect a more accurate approximation of the density update with respect to thermodynamics (compared to standard SIMPLE method). We show that the novel method is a reasonable extension of existing CFD techniques for variable density flows based on SIMPLE. The novel method leads to a reduction of the number of iterations of SIMPLE which translates in many – but not in all – cases to a reduction in computing time. We will therefore demonstrate practical advantages and restrictions in terms of computational efficiency for industrial CFD applications in the field of piston engine simulations.

Keyword : finite volume method, Navier–Stokes equations, numerical method

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Emans, M., Žunič, Z., Basara, B., & Frolov, S. (2012). A novel SIMPLE-based pressure-enthalpy coupling scheme for engine flow problems. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 17(1), 1-20.
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Feb 1, 2012
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