Bickel–Rosenblatt test for weakly dependent data


The aim of this paper is to analyze the Bickel–Rosenblatt test for simple hypothesis in case of weakly dependent data. Although the test has nice theoretical properties, it is not clear how to implement it in practice. Choosing different band-width sequences first we analyze percentage rejections of the test statistic under H0 by some empirical simulation analysis. This can serve as an approximate rule for choosing the bandwidth in case of simple hypothesis for practical implementation of the test. In the recent paper [12] a version of Neyman goodness-of-fit test was established for weakly dependent data in the case of simple hypotheses. In this paper we also aim to compare and discuss the applicability of these tests for both independent and dependent observations.

Keyword : goodness-of-fit, Bickel-Rosenblatt test, nonparametric density estimation, weak dependence, Neyman's smooth test

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Valeinis, J., & Locmelis, A. (2012). Bickel–Rosenblatt test for weakly dependent data. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 17(3), 383-395.
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Jun 1, 2012
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