On fractional Volterra integrodifferential equations with fractional integrable impulses

    Sagar T. Sutar Affiliation
    ; Kishor D. Kucche Affiliation


We consider a class of nonlinear fractional Volterra integrodifferential equation with fractional integrable impulses and investigate the existence and uniqueness results in the Bielecki’s normed Banach spaces. Further, Bielecki-Ulam type stabilities have been demonstrated on a compact interval. A concrete example is provided to illustrate the outcomes we acquired.

Keyword : fractional Volterra integrodifferential equation, integrable impulses, Banach contraction principle, existence of solutions, Bielecki norm, Bielecki-Ulam type stability

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Sutar, S. T., & Kucche, K. D. (2019). On fractional Volterra integrodifferential equations with fractional integrable impulses. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 24(3), 457-477.
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Jun 6, 2019
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