Conceptual models of the quality control process

    A. Ribikauskas Affiliation
    ; O. Vasilecas Affiliation
    ; A. Čaplinskas Affiliation


This paper discusses issues of conceptual modelling of the product quality control process. Special attention is paid to the quality inspection. This process can be considered as a kind of product sorting the aim of which is to identify the product quality category. It is supposed that the sorting can be done according to prescriptive norms and standards. The paper considers the specific features of knowledge described by those norms and standards, discusses how to represent this knowledge by a logic program, and proposes a knowledge‐based architecture of the software system that acts as a part of the quality system and implements the product quality inspection process.

Kokybės kontrolės procesų konceptualūs modeliai


Straipsnyje aptariamas produktu kokybes kontroles procesu konceptualus modeliavimas. Ypatingas demesys atkreipiamas i kokybes kontrole. Šis procesas gali būti nagrinejamas kaip produktu rūšiavimo variantas, kurio tikslas ‐ nustatyti produktu kokybes kategorija. Tariama, kad rūšiavimas gali būti atliekamas pagal aprašomas normas ir standartus. Straipsnyje nagrinejamos specifines žiniu savybes, aprašomos pagal šias normas ir standartus, aptariama, kaip aprašyti žinias logine programa ir pasiūlyti žinojimu paremtos architektūros programines irangos sistema, kuri veikia kaip kokybes sistemos dalis ir igyvendina produktu kokybes kontroles procesa.

First Published Online: 14 Oct 2010

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Ribikauskas, A., Vasilecas, O., & Čaplinskas, A. (2000). Conceptual models of the quality control process. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 5(1), 143-152.
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Dec 15, 2000
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