New MCEQLS TFN method for evaluating quality and reusability of learning objects

    Eugenijus Kurilovas Affiliation
    ; Silvija Serikovienė Affiliation


The aim of the paper is to present a new simple to use and efficient MCEQLS (Multiple Criteria Evaluation of the Quality of Learning Software) TFN (Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers) method for the expert evaluation of the quality and reusability of learning objects (LOs). MCEQLS and TFN methods are analysed, improved, and practically applied to present the decision analysis process for selecting LOs suitable to reuse in different pedagogical situations and in different education systems. The research results are implemented in eQNet – a three-year strategic pan-European project focused on reusability of LOs. A novel method of consecutive application of Fuzzy Numbers theory to establish the weights of LOs quality criteria and MCEQLS approach to establish final evaluation results are explored in more detail. A number of multiple criteria decision analysis principles are applied to create a comprehensive quality model (criteria system) for evaluating the quality and reusability of LOs. Several practical examples of LOs evaluated against the proposed MCEQLS TFN method are presented in the paper. The research results have shown that the proposed method is quite objective, exact, simple to use, and efficient for selecting qualitative reusable LOs alternatives in the market.

Keyword : alternatives, criteria, decision making, e-learning

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Kurilovas, E., & Serikovienė, S. (2013). New MCEQLS TFN method for evaluating quality and reusability of learning objects. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 19(4), 706-723.
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Dec 24, 2013
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