Regression methods for hesitant fuzzy preference relations

    Bin Zhu Affiliation
    ; Zeshui Xu Affiliation


In this paper, we develop two regression methods that transform hesitant fuzzy preference relations (HFPRs) into fuzzy preference relations (FPRs). On the basis of the complete consistency, reduced FPRs with the highest consistency levels can be derived from HFPRs. Compared with a straightforward method, this regression method is more efficient in the Matlab environment. Based on the weak consistency, another regression method is developed to transform HFPRs into reduced FPRs which satisfy the weak consistency. Two algorithms are proposed for the two regression methods, and some examples are provided to verify the practicality and superiority of the proposed methods.

Keyword : hesitant fuzzy preference relation (HFPR), fuzzy preference relation (FPR), complete consistency, weak consistency, consistency level

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Zhu, B., & Xu, Z. (2014). Regression methods for hesitant fuzzy preference relations. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 19(1), S214-S227.
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Jan 28, 2014
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