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The journal TRANSPORT publishes articles in the fields of: transport policy; fundamentals of the transport system; technology for carrying passengers and freight using road, railway, inland waterways, sea and air transport; technology for multimodal transportation and logistics; loading technology; roads, railways; airports, ports; traffic safety and environment protection; design, manufacture and exploitation of motor vehicles; transport energetics; fuels, lubricants and maintenance materials; teamwork of customs and transport; transport information technologies; transport economics and management; transport standards; transport educology and history, etc.
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Published: 2018-01-26

Original Article

Controlling the cost of risk management by utilising a phase portrait methodology

David Eaton, Seyyit Umit Dikmen, Rıfat Akbiyikli
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 78

Page 315–321

Evaluation of the logistics center locations using a multi-criteria spatial approach

İsmail Önden, Avni Zafer Acar, Fahrettin Eldemir
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 322–334

Simulation method for determining traction power of ATN–PRT vehicle

Maciej Kozłowski
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 67

Page 335–343

Page 344–352

An RFID model for improving workers’ safety at the seaport in transitional environment

Sanja Bauk, Anke Schmeink, Joan Colomer
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 73

Page 353–363

Harmonization and synchronization model of interrupted traffic flows on motorways

Goran Kos, Marko Ševrović, Josip Jović
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 364–369

Merging process of U-turns at uncontrolled median openings under mixed traffic conditions

Gourab Sil, Smruti Sourava Mohapatra, Partha Pratim Dey, Satish Chandra
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 370–379

Investigating the driver’s response time at signalized intersections

Pelin Çalişkanelli, Serhan Tanyel
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 380–388

Fly ash and slag utilization for the Serbian railway substructure

Mirjana Vukićević, Zdenka Popović, Jovan Despotović, Luka Lazarević
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 70

Page 389–398

Prediction of traffic sign vandalism that obstructs critical messages to drivers

Majid Khalilikhah, Kevin Heaslip
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 61

Page 399-407

Scheduling for yard cranes based on two-stage hybrid dynamic programming

Zhan Bian, Qi Xu, Na Li, Zhihong Jin
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 408–417

Page 418-428

Use of high intensity reflective sheeting in lieu of external lighting of overhead roadway signs

Fan Ye, Paul J. Carlson, Mike N. Jackson
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 437–445

Page 446-453

Ship mooring to jetties under the crosscurrent

Vytautas Paulauskas, Donatas Paulauskas, Birutė Plačienė, Raimondas Barzdžiukas
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 454–460

Collision avoidance on winding roads using dedicated short-range communication

Daxin Tian, Yong Yuan, Jian Wang, Haiying Xia, Jian Wang
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 66

Page 461-469

Identification of hotspots on roads using continual variance analysis

Dejan Anđelković, Boris Antić, Krsto Lipovac, Ilija Tanackov
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 478–488

Generalized velocity–density model based on microscopic traffic simulation

Oussama Derbel, Tamás Péter, Benjamin Mourllion, Michel Basset
Abstract 73 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 489-501

Selection of coal transportation mode from the open pit mine to the thermic power plant using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Pinar Mizrak Özfirat, Muharrem Kemal Özfirat, Tahir Malli
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 82

Page 502–509

Using accessibility measures in transit network design

Gorkem Gulhan, Huseyin Ceylan, Halim Ceylan
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 75

Page 510–519

Optimizing signal phase plan, green splits and lane length for isolated signalized intersections

Ronghan Yao, Hongmei Zhou, Ying-En Ge
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 520–535

The influence of a quay crane sea transportation on its further exploitation

Maksym Starykov, Frank Van Hoorn
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 536–542

Bus arrival time prediction using mixed multi-route arrival time data at previous stop

Xuedong Hua, Wei Wang, Yinhai Wang, Min Ren
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 543–554

Condition monitoring of railway track systems by using acceleration signals on wheelset axle-boxes

Andrzej Chudzikiewicz, Roman Bogacz, Mariusz Kostrzewski, Robert Konowrocki
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 555–566

Accelerating construction of roadway bridges using alternative techniques and procurement methods

Ossama Salem, Baris Salman, Sudipta Ghorai
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 58

Page 567-579

Review Article

Sensitivity of street network capacity under the rain impact: case study of Belgrade

Ivan Ivanović, Jadranka Jović
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 69

Page 470-477