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Published: 2021-09-29


Page 129-139

Assessing the impact of the slopes on runway drainage capacity based on wheel/path surface adhesion conditions

Misagh Ketabdari, Emanuele Toraldo, Maurizio Crispino
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Page 140-148

Page 149-158

The impact of digitalization and intelligentization on air transportation system

Jiezhuoma La, Iryna Heiets
Abstract 195 | PDF Downloads 141

Page 159-170

Previous military pilots and their later fatal civil aviation accidents

Tanja Laukkala, Eero Pukkala, Bruce Budowle, Antti Sajantila, Matti Mäntysaari, Heini Huhtala, Alpo Vuorio
Abstract 193 | PDF Downloads 87

Page 182-186

A business model enabling a passenger-distance-improved long-haul network to decrease transport inefficiencies

Dominik Steinweg, Kai-Daniel Büchter, Marc Engelmann, Antoine Habersetzer, Ulrike Schmalz, Annika Paul
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 187-201

An alternative approach to induced drag reduction

Nikolaos Kehayas
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 202-210

Unmanned air vehicle path planning for maritime surveillance using Cluster-base method

Prasetyo Ardi Probo Suseno, Try Kusuma Wardana
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 10

Page 211-219


Innovation at airports: a systematic literature review (2000–2019)

Sena Kiliç, Caglar Ucler, Luis Martin-Domingo
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Page 220-231

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