Possibilities and methods of in-flight loading measurement

    Ivo Jebáček Affiliation
    ; Marek Horak Affiliation


This article provides information about in-flight measurement of a small sport aircraft. First strain gauges were installed in the wing structure and then calibration procedures were done. After the calculation of strain gauge coefficients, equations for calculating bending moments and other variables were established.

A data acquisition system was installed in the aircraft to measure responses from strain gauges and other variables such as speed, altitude, load factor, and temperature. Many flights were performed with the aircraft equipped this way, and after that the recorded data were analysed and those results were compared with the calculations and static strength tests performed before.

Keyword : measurement, in-flight, strain gauges, fatigue, bending moment, strength test

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Jebáček, I. and Horak, M. 2012. Possibilities and methods of in-flight loading measurement. Aviation. 16, 2 (Jun. 2012), 47-50. DOI:
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Jun 29, 2012
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