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Published: 2020-06-25


Logistics performance index in international trade: case of Central and Eastern European and Western Balkans countries

Filip Ž. Bugarčić, Viktorija Skvarciany, Nenad Stanišić
Abstract 732 | PDF Downloads 455

Page 452-459

Forecasting banks return on equity using leading economic indicators

Daiva Jurevičienė, Darius Rauličkis
Abstract 416 | PDF Downloads 278

Page 460-468

Audit committee characteristics and sustainability performance in Nigerian listed banks

Alex Adegboye, Stephen Ojeka, Oluwaseyi Alabi, Udochukwu Alo, Adenike Aina
Abstract 398 | PDF Downloads 220

Page 469-476

Development of a methodology for managing of service packages supply differentiation in the modern tourist market

Uladzimir Ganski, Viktar Tsybouski , Vital Kazlovski, Weidi Zhou
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 136

Page 477-482

Board capital and bank efficiency: insight from Vietnam

Maria Kontesa, Esmie Obrin Nichol, Jia-Sing Bong, Rayenda Khresna Brahmana
Abstract 263 | PDF Downloads 141

Page 483-493

Social protection and employment in Africa’s agricultural sector

Romanus Osabohien, Olaronke Onanuga, Busayo Aderounmu, Oluwatoyin Matthew, Evans Osabuohien
Abstract 240 | PDF Downloads 162

Page 494-502

Page 519-530

Eco-innovation as a pillar for sustainable development of circular economy

Jelena Stankevičienė, Marta Nikanorova
Abstract 245 | PDF Downloads 159

Page 531-544

Page 555-565

Will the winner still be the winner? A study of equity mutual fund performance in Indonesia

Budi Frensidy, Reynardo Nainggolan, Robiyanto Robiyanto
Abstract 219 | PDF Downloads 147

Page 566-577

Impact of dynamic strategic capabilities on strategic entrepreneurship in presence of outsourcing of five stars hotels in Jordan

Sulieman Ibraheem Al-Hawary, Mohammad Sultan Al-Syasneh
Abstract 169 | PDF Downloads 115

Page 578-587

The business assistant service as one of the promising areas for the adoption of AI technologies in the enterprise

Tetiana Ivashchenko, Igor Chornodid, Andrii Ivashchenko
Abstract 250 | PDF Downloads 114

Page 588-597

Gamification in for-profit organisations: a mapping study

László Szendrői, Krishna S. Dhir, Katalin Czakó
Abstract 191 | PDF Downloads 136

Page 598-612

Page 613-622

Service innovation capability for enhancing marketing performance: an SDL perspectives

Lie Heng, Augusty Tae Ferdinand, Nur Afifah, Ramadania Ramadania
Abstract 371 | PDF Downloads 162

Page 623-632

An investigative study on sustainable competitive advantage of manufacture companies in Indonesia

Edi Purwanto, Agnes Debora Bernice Purwanto
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 633-642

When grit leads to success: the role of individual entrepreneurial orientation

Hussein-Elhakim Al Issa
Abstract 193 | PDF Downloads 124

Page 643-653

Bounded rationality in decision making: an analysis of the decision-making biases

Ana Rita Jordão, Renato Costa, Álvaro Lopes Dias, Leandro Pereira, José Pedro Santos
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 100

Page 654-665

The basis for a constructive relationship between management consultants and clients (SMEs)

Renato Lopes da Costa, Álvaro Lopes Dias, Leandro Pereira, José Santos, Isabel Miguel
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 95

Page 666-674

Page 675-685

Do investors experience heuristics in earnings forecasting?

Riza Praditha, Haliah Haliah, Abdul Hamid Habbe, Yohanis Rura
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 686-694

Page 695-703

Evaluation of the implementation of the circular economy in EU countries in the context of sustainable development

Myroslav Kryshtanovych, Viktoriia Filippova, Maryna Huba, Olga Kartashova, Oleksandr Molnar
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 58

Page 704-712

Peer-to-Peer lending platform: from substitution to complementary for rural banks

Cliff Kohardinata, Novrys Suhardianto, Bambang Tjahjadi
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 713-722

Providing the corporate security strategy in the management system of the enterprise

Taras Shyra, Oleksandr Shtyrov, Ivan Korchynskyy, Anastasiia Zerkal, Halyna Skoryk
Abstract 126 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 737-745

Risk governance and financial performance: an empirical analysis

Olayinka Erin, Omololu Bamigboye, Jonah Arumona
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 758-768

Page 769-779

Hiring and retaining skilled employees in SMEs: problems in human resource practices and links with organizational success

Yuriy Bilan, Halyna Mishchuk, Iryna Roshchyk, Olena Joshi
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 780-791

Internal factors that stimulate the internationalization of companies in Peru’s jewellery sector

Jhanira Jara, Paola Roman, Roxy Surichaqui, Wagner Vicente-Ramos
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 38

Page 792-803

Monitoring the state anti-crisis management of economic security of the Ukraine banking institutions

Iryna Mihus, Yana Koval, Serhiy Laptev, Olha Bala, Marta Kopytko
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 33

Page 804-812