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Published: 2021-08-24


Regulatory and legal component in ensuring state’s financial security

Nadiya Rushchyshyn, Tetyana Medynska, Uliana Nikonenko, Zoryana Kostak, Roksolana Ivanova
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 119

Page 232-240

Earnings and firm value: the moderating impact of large deferred taxes and large accruals in Indonesia

Bambang Sutopo, Arum Kusumaningdyah Adiati, Purnama Siddi
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 200

Page 241-248

Stimulation of innovative behavior through the inclusive leaders and engaged workers

Adil Mansoor, Sazali Abdul Wahab, Sarwat Jahan
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 142

Page 249-255

Motivations and barriers of entrepreneurs in Moscow and the Moscow region

Natalia Sulikashvili, Godefroy Kizaba, Abdelouahid Assaidi
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 68

Page 256-266

Cash conversion cycle sensitivity by moderating role of exchange rates volatility on firm’s financial performance

Sarfraz Hussain, Asan Ali Golam Hassan, Abdul Quddus, Muhammad Rafiq, Van Chien Nguyen
Abstract 185 | PDF Downloads 86

Page 277-289

Understanding the FinTech continuance intention of Indonesian users: the moderating effect of gender

Ferina Nurlaily, Edlyn Khurotul Aini, Priandhita Sukowidyanti Asmoro
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 96

Page 290-298

Management of security activities at innovative-active enterprises

Marta Kopytko, Mariya Fleychuk, Mariana Veresklia, Nataliia Petryshyn, Andriy Kalynovskyy
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 299-309

Modeling ways of improving Green economy and environmental protection in the context of governance

Iulii Pyliavskyi, Iryna Martusenko, Oleksandr Molnar, Halyna Dzyana, Voolodymyr Kushniriuk
Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 310-317

Analytical evaluation of the prospects for sustainable development of environmentally oriented tourism business

Iryna Lesik, Maksym Lesik, Kateryna Tishechkina, Iuliia Ushkarenko, Andrii Soloviov, Artem Lahoiskyi
Abstract 120 | PDF Downloads 68

Page 318-329

Opportunities of job search through social media platforms and its development in Lithuania

Ligita Gasparėnienė, Snieguolė Matulienė, Eigirdas Žemaitis
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 53

Page 330-339

Associativity and organizational culture of Hass avocado production chains in the Huancavelica region, Peru 2003−2019

Giomara Camac, Evelin Garcia, Deysi Quispe, Wiliam Rodríguez-Giraldez, Wagner Vicente-Ramos
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 68

Page 340-348

Indian banking industry: a new evidence from a profitability perspective

Shailendra Rai, Miia Chabot, Jean-Louis Bertrand, Imlak Shaikh
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 349-360

Satisfaction of short-term rental customers: empirical study in Portugal

Maria João Machado, Mafalda Patuleia, Álvaro Dias, João Estêvão
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 361-369

Flexible wellbeing and organizational creativity: personality traits role

Jones Umukoro, Johnson Egwakhe, Victoria Akpa
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 370-379

Inimitable-based innovative entrepreneurship as mediation concepts of information technology roles on organizational performance

Iwan Hermawan, Suharnomo Suharnomo, Mirwan Surya Perdhana
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 380-391

A study of the satisfaction of the population of major Lithuanian cities with public transport services

Kristina Samašonok, Aldona Jarašūnienė, Margarita Išoraitė
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 392-405