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Published: 2019-01-09


The causality between inflation and unemployment: the Indonesian evidence

Gatot Sasongko, Andrian Dolfriandra Huruta
Abstract 185 | PDF Downloads 248

Page 1-10

Sharia mutual funds performance in Indonesia

Robiyanto Robiyanto, Michael Alexander Santoso, Rihfenti Ernayani
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 131

Page 11-18

Influence of ecological protection on the corporate image of oil and gas firms in Nigeria

Deborah Bolanle Motilewa, Ayodotun Stephen Ibidunni, Rowland Worlu, Chinonye Love Moses,, James Obi, Joy Dirisu
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 66

Page 19-24

A qualitative study on learning organization as an essential action lowering skill mismatch effects

Yustina Erti Pravitasmara Dewi, Christantius Dwiatmadja, Lieli Suharti
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 50-60

Working capital management and its influence on profitability and sustainable growth

Pambayun Kinasih Yekti Nastiti, Apriani Dorkas Rambu Atahau, Supramono Supramono
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 374

Page 61-68

Mapping the conceptual structure of environmental management: a co-word analysis

Juan-José Nájera-Sánchez, Eva-María Mora-Valentín, Marta Ortiz-de-Urbina-Criado, Pablo Moura-Díez
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 69-80

The effect of related party transactions on firm performance: the moderating role of political connection in indonesian banking

mr Supatmi, T. Sutrisno, Erwin Saraswati, Bambang Purnomosidhi
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 88

Page 81-92

Тhe effects of diversity management and inclusion on organisational outcomes: a case of multinational corporation

Folakemi Ohunakin,, Anthonia Adeniji, Olaleke Oluseye Ogunnaike, Friday Igbadume, Dayo Idowu Akintayo
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 191

Page 93-102

Institutional complementarity for social and economic development

Yuriy Bilan, Tetyana Vasilyeva, Serhiy Lyeonov, Kseniya Bagmet
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 72

Page 103-115

Comparison of institutional dynamics of regional development publishing and printing activities in Ukraine: methodological and practical aspects

Volodymyr Bazyliuk, Andriy Shtangret, Oleksandr Sylkin, Iryna Bezpalko
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 33

Page 116-122

Exploring dynamic capabilities, intellectual capital and innovation performance relationship: evidence from the garment manufacturing

Wendra Wendra, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Joeliaty Joeliaty, Yudi Azis
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 214

Page 123-136

Internal factors supporting business and technological transformation in the context of Industry 4.0

Lucia Kohnová, Ján Papula, Nikola Salajová
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 137-145

Defining personnel marketing strategies

Olena Gladka, Victoria Fedorova
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 146-157

The determinants of the competitiveness of Lithuanian export: macroeconomic approach

Rita Remeikienė, Ligita Gasparėnienė, Alius Sadeckas
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 43

Page 170-178

Assessment of the impact of emigration on the origin economy

Rita Remeikienė, Ligita Gasparėnienė
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 187-195

Islamic stock market and sukuk market development, economic growth, and trade openness (the case of Indonesia and Malaysia)

Harjum Muharam, Resi Junita Anwar, Robiyanto Robiyanto
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 196-207

Consumer motives for purchasing counterfeit luxury products: behind the status signaling behavior using brand prominence

Pur Purwanto, Lulus Margiati, K. Kuswandi, Budi Prasetyo
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 129

Page 208-215

Influence of power asymmetry, commitment and trust on sme retailers’ performance

Anton Setyawan, Ihwan Susila, Sekar Anindita
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 53

Page 216-223

Measuring internal auditor’s intention to blow the whistle (a Quasi-experiment of internal auditors in the local government)

Abdul Hamid Habbe, Syarifuddin Rasyid, Hermita Arif, Iskandar Muda
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 224-233

An investigation the main internal brand crisis antecedents

Bich Ngoc Do, Tuan Phong Nham, Tuyet-Mai Nguyen
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 234-247

Competence model for measuring career development and organisational growth in the health sector

Anthonia Adeniji, Omotayo Osibanjo, Odunayo P Salau, Hezekiah O. Falola, Ebegbuki Igbinoba, Folakemi Ohunakin, Opeyemi Ogueyungbo
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 44

Page 248-258

Values oriented leadership – conceptualization and preliminary results in Slovakia

Anna Lašáková, Ľubica Bajzíková, Ivana Blahunková
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 129

Page 259-269

Mission statements and financial performance in Latin-American firms

Julián David Cortés-Sánchez, Liliana Rivera
Abstract 160 | PDF Downloads 120

Page 270-283

Contribution indicators of work stress and employee organizational commitments case study

Tuty Sariwulan, Muhammad Calvin Capnary, Iskandar Agung
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 92

Page 293-302

Formation of organizational support for the management of the economic security of engineering enterprises: methodical and practical aspects

Olena Khalina, Volodymyr Bazyliuk, Olena Chornenka, Iryna Krasilych, Maryna Korzh
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 106

Page 317-328

Development of the sustainability index for the ready-made garments sector in Bangladesh

Md Abdus Salam, Kalayanee Senasu
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 329-341

Performance audit: a cross-country comparison of practices of selected supreme audit institutions

Monika Vasiliauskienė, Dalia Daujotaitė
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 82

Page 352-362

New approach to the technological aspect of corporate sustainable development

Rolandas Drejeris, Danguolė Oželienė
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 363-371

Does corporate social responsibility affect earnings management? Evidence from the Indonesian banking industry

Doddy Setiawan, Ronny Prabowo, Vina Arnita, Anas Wibawa
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 109

Page 372-378

Exploring cultural orientation on the entrepreneur competencies in the globalization era

Mira Rochimi Mutiara, Ina Primiana, Joeliaty Joeliaty, Martha Fani Cahyandito
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 102

Page 379-390

Dimensions of Green Office evidence from regency/city government offices in Central Java, Indonesia

Yusepaldo Pasharibu, Agus Sugiarto, Tutuk Ariarsanti, Petrus Wijayanto
Abstract 189 | PDF Downloads 145

Page 391-402

Firm performance and condensed corporate governance mechanism: evidence of Nigerian financial institutions

Alex Adegboye, Stephen Ojeka, Kofo Adegboye, Emmanuel Ebuzor, Dayo Samson
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 403-416

Page 417-431

Page 432-445