Formation of organizational support for the management of the economic security of engineering enterprises: methodical and practical aspects

    Olena Khalina   Affiliation
    ; Volodymyr Bazyliuk   Affiliation
    ; Olena Chornenka   Affiliation
    ; Iryna Krasilych   Affiliation
    ; Maryna Korzh   Affiliation


Difficult conditions of functioning and the severity of forecasting possible changes in the conduct of business stimulate a search for new ways to improve economic security management for engineering enterprises. The purpose of our article is to develop a methodological framework for the formation of organizational support for the management of economic security of an engineering enterprise with subsequent practical application. The subjects of the study are the activities of the top engineering enterprises in Ukraine for the period 2010–2017. Based on the analysis of engineering enterprises of Ukraine, we are in the results of the study allow us to estimate the potential losses from the realization of certain threats, as well as directly assess their impact on the activities of the enterprise. Developed methodological bases for the formation of organizational support for managing the process of ensuring the economic security of the engineering enterprise, providing for assessing the level of influence of threats, determining the optimal set of measures to improve organizational support in accordance with the results of calculating the integral level of threats, which allows planning possible costs for organizational support of protective actions as a whole at the enterprise, and in the context of the main structural units their subsequent optimization.

Keyword : security, economic security, engineering enterprise, threat, organizational support, system

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Khalina, O., Bazyliuk, V., Chornenka, O., Krasilych, I., & Korzh, M. (2019). Formation of organizational support for the management of the economic security of engineering enterprises: methodical and practical aspects. Business: Theory and Practice, 20, 317-328.
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Aug 29, 2019
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