Strategies of self-presentation in the business meetings and negotiation


The paper aims to analyse the phenomenon of self-presentation in business surroundings - a behavioural mode by which it is strived under public business surroundings to achieve an agreement and to avoid repudiating orienting to universally adapted norms and other people’s expectations. In the article the main strategies of self-presentation are described, which are used in business meetings and negotiation situations. The motivation of self-presentation develops under public situations, because it is characteristic of a person to take an interest in people how they consider and evaluate other people. Therefore, a person realising himself as a social object, tries to perceive and see himself as such who can be seen by others, and, representing himself correspondingly in business meetings and negotiation, tries to show himself to be accepted and evaluated, and/or in such a way that when regulating other people’s impressions on himself, when getting particular results in business, he or she could confirm his (her) own identity. The paper enlarges the understanding of self-presentation, which influences both person’s identity and his state shaping in business interaction.

Keyword : self-presentation, strategy of self-presentation, impression management, public self-awareness, self-monitoring

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Mažeikienė, A., & Peleckis, K. (2009). Strategies of self-presentation in the business meetings and negotiation. Business: Theory and Practice, 10(4), 322-329.
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Dec 10, 2009
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