Vol 13 No 1 (2012)

Published: 2012-03-07


The impact of economic fluctuations on company results

Alina Stundžienė, Rūta Bliekienė
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Page 5-17

Counselling for self-employment: the application of decision support system

Rasa Smaliukienė, Svajonė Bekešienė, Gitana Dudzevičiūtė
Abstract 11 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 18-26

Entrepreneurship education in humanities and Social Sciences: are students qualified to start a business?

José Luis Vázquez-Burgete, Ana Lanero, Agota Giedre Raisiene
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Page 27-35

Stock market analysis through business cycle approach

Audrius Dzikevičius, Jaroslav Vetrov
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Page 36-42

The residential real estate market in Poland

Ewa Siemińska
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Page 43-49

The cycle of frauds and conditions increasing their risk

Jonas Mackevičius
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Page 50-56

Trade practices of retail chains as far as the transaction cost analysis in relationships manufacturer – retailer are concerned

Jaroslav Kita, Katarína Máziková, Marta Grossmanová, Pavol Kita
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Page 57-66

Aspects of intellectual capital evaluation

Asta Stankevičienė, Aušra Liučvaitienė
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Page 79-93

Evaluation of Lithuanian mutual funds performance using complex evaluation model

Jelena Stankevičienė, Irma Gavrilova
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Page 94-106