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Published: 2020-04-29


Page 246-256

A work of art in the space of network culture: creativity as bricolage

Aynur Safina, Liliana Gaynullina, Ekaterina Cherepanova
Abstract 411 | PDF Downloads 96

Page 257-269

Enhancing creativity and problem solving skills through creative problem solving in teaching mathematics

Madihah Khalid, Supiah Saad, Siti Rafiah Abdul Hamid, Muhammad Ridhuan Abdullah, Hasniza Ibrahim, Masitah Shahrill
Abstract 543 | PDF Downloads 186

Page 270-291

Creating students’ algorithmic selves: shedding light on social media’s representational affordances

Ignas Kalpokas, Emilija Sabaliauskaitė, Victoria Pegushina
Abstract 611 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 292-307

Page 308-324

Linguistic aspects as creativity expression in computer-mediated business communication

Irena Darginavičienė, Jelena Suchanova
Abstract 354 | PDF Downloads 79

Page 325-335

Manager as an artist: creative endeavour in crossing the borders of art and organizational discourse

Michał Szostak, Łukasz Sułkowski
Abstract 390 | PDF Downloads 90

Page 351-368

Page 369-386

How attitudes, vision and ability to capture opportunities affect startups’ business creativity

Pedro Palos-Sanchez, José Ramón Saura, Antonio Grilo, Rafael Robina Ramirez
Abstract 142 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 387-405

Crowdsourcing creativity in government: state of the field in the four research paradigms

Łukasz Sułkowski, Regina Lenart-Gansiniec, Svitlana Bilan
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 419-436

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