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Published: 2021-06-30


Understanding the dynamic behaviour of the Australian retirement village industry: a causal loop diagram

Bo Xia, Qing Chen, Jerry Walliah, Laurie Buys, Martin Skitmore, Connie Susilawati
Abstract 191 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 346–355

House prices, rental costs, and mortgage interest rates

Che-Chun Lin, I-Chun Tsai
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 356–368

Evaluation of cost-optimal retrofit investment in buildings: the case of Bragança fire station, Portugal

Sónia Cova, Carlos Andrade, Orlando Soares, Jorge Lopes
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 369–381

Real option and vertical mixed-use development

Jiawei Zhong, Eddie C. M. Hui
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 382–395

Identifying and prioritizing the selection criteria of appropriate repair and maintenance methods for commercial buildings

Jolanta Tamošaitienė, Hadi Sarvari, Matteo Cristofaro, Daniel W. M. Chan
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 413–431