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Published: 2021-03-29


Understanding sellers’ agents in the residential property market

Chuyi Xiong, Ka Shing Cheung
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 97

Page 179-189

Under invoicing in the residential real estate market in Pakistan

Abdul Wahid, Edmund H. Mantell, Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 106

Page 190-203

Establish a customer property service strategy framework

Hsu-Ming Shen, Kung-Jen Tu, Ting-Yi Chiang
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 78

Page 204-215

Influence of government credit risk on PPP projects in operation stage

Yining Zhou, Jicai Liu
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 61

Page 216-227

Non-linear relationships between house size and price

Shih-Tao Feng, Chien-Wen Peng, Chung-Hsien Yang, Pei-Wen Chen
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 240-253