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Published: 2020-09-29


Military and demographic inter-linkages in the context of the Lithuanian sustainability

Ieva Meidutė-Kavaliauskienė, Gitana Dudzevičiūtė, Nijolė Maknickienė
Abstract 262 | PDF Downloads 166

Page 1508-1524

The dark side of sport: managerial bullying and harassment challenges in different types of sports

Jolita Vveinhardt, Vilija Bitė Fominienė, Regina Andriukaitienė
Abstract 252 | PDF Downloads 141

Page 1525-1542

Comparative study of the relevance of equity financing in European SMEs

Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, Joanna Błach, Joanna Trzęsiok
Abstract 230 | PDF Downloads 123

Page 1543-1560

Page 1561-1592

Responses of Turkish consumers to product risk information in the context of negative eWOM

Ülfet Işçi, Hakan Kitapçi
Abstract 278 | PDF Downloads 106

Page 1593-1609

Stakeholders’ perceptions of the innovation trends in the Slovak forestry and forest-based sectors

Erika Loučanová, Hubert Paluš, Klára Báliková, Michal Dzian, Nikola Slašťanová, Jaroslav Šálka
Abstract 190 | PDF Downloads 112

Page 1610-1627

The relationship between organizational culture and public relations in business organizations

Edit Terek Stojanović, Marko Vlahović, Milan Nikolić, Siniša Mitić, Zoran Jovanović
Abstract 269 | PDF Downloads 209

Page 1628-1645

Financial system performance in European Union countries: do country’s governance indicators matter?

Teodora Cristina Barbu, Iustina Alina Boitan
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 70

Page 1646-1664

The road to the economics of Brexit: a new direction in economic research

Silvia Cristina Mărginean, Ramona Orăștean, Raluca Sava
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 1665-1682

Investment decision making along the B&R using critic approach in probabilistic hesitant fuzzy environment

Xiaodi Liu, Zengwen Wang, Shitao Zhang, Yaofeng Chen
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 1683-1706

Evaluating the performance of Colombian banks by hybrid multicriteria decision making methods

Amir Karbassi Yazdi, Thomas Hanne, Juan Carlos Osorio Gómez
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 29

Page 1707-1730

Continuity, coordination and cooperation as mediators between economic and non-economic satisfaction – a sales perspective

Nils M. Høgevold, Göran Svensson, Pierre Mostert, Mariëtte L. Zietsman
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 27

Page 1752-1773

Investigating the nexus between fuel ethanol and CO2 emissions. A panel smooth transition regression approach

Cosmin-Octavian Cepoi, Mariana Bran, Mihai Dinu
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page 1774-1792

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