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Published: 2021-10-15


Development of performance evaluation indicators for social enterprises: the use of Delphi technique

Petra Taušl Procházková, Marta Nosková, Kristýna Machová, Veronika Velíšková
Abstract 861 | PDF Downloads 698

Page 1396-1415

Escalation of commitment and CEO departures: theory and evidence

Dmitriy V. Chulkov, John M. Barron
Abstract 541 | PDF Downloads 388

Page 1416-1435

Knowledge management and financial performance in transitional economies: the case of Serbian enterprises

Mila Kavalić, Milan Nikolić, Sanja Stanisavljev, Dejan Đorđević, Mladen Pečujlija, Edit Terek Stojanović
Abstract 692 | PDF Downloads 500

Page 1436-1455

The substitution financing effect of suppliers’ trade credit on customers’ trade credit in China

Chun Guo, Wunhong Su, Xiaobao Song
Abstract 459 | PDF Downloads 345

Page 1456-1475

Vocational training costs and economic benefits: exploring the interactions

Natalia Samoliuk, Yuriy Bilan, Halyna Mishchuk
Abstract 468 | PDF Downloads 295

Page 1476-1491

Bank maturity, income diversification, and bank stability

Waqas Tariq, Muhammad Usman, Adeel Tariq, Robina Rashid, Junming Yin, Mumtaz Ali Memon, Muhammad Ashfaq
Abstract 537 | PDF Downloads 293

Page 1492-1511

The role of ICT in smart specialization of EU regions

Małgorzata Dziembała, Sylwia Talar
Abstract 366 | PDF Downloads 249

Page 1512-1530

Modeling the relationship between integrated reporting quality and sustainable business development

Marius-Sorin Ciubotariu, Marian Socoliuc, Veronica Grosu, Svetlana Mihaila, Cristina Gabriela Cosmulese
Abstract 494 | PDF Downloads 294

Page 1531-1550

Sustainability bonds. An international event study

Mihaela Mocanu, Laura-Gabriela Constantin, Bogdan Cernat-Gruici
Abstract 467 | PDF Downloads 301

Page 1551-1576

Network interactions of global supply chain members

Thi Diem Chau Le, Judit Oláh, Miklós Pakurár
Abstract 310 | PDF Downloads 149

Page 1593-1613

Social media and the stock markets: an emerging market perspective

Shweta Agarwal, Shailendra Kumar, Utkarsh Goel
Abstract 402 | PDF Downloads 306

Page 1614-1632

Page 1633-1654

The effects of public R&D subsidized loans on firms’ R&D outputs: evidence from China

Yuchen Gao, Si Zhang, Yimei Hu
Abstract 271 | PDF Downloads 185 SM Downloads 85

Page 1655-1678

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