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Published: 2018-04-30


The effect of knowledge management, organizational culture and organizational learning on innovation in automotive industry

Kambiz Abdi, Abbas Mardani, Aslan Amat Senin, Laura Tupenaite, Jurga Naimaviciene, Loreta Kanapeckiene, Vladislavas Kutut
Abstract 345 | PDF Downloads 371

Page 1-19

The impact of money on output in Czech Republic and Romania

Mihaela Simionescu, Adam P. Balcerzak, Yuriy Bilan, Anna Kotásková
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 127

Page 20-41

Business performance management and FDI: key differences between foreign and domestic-owned firms – a case of Slovakia

Rastislav Rajnoha, Martina Merková, Ján Dobrovič, Zoltán Rózsa
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 137

Page 42-62

The timing of initial public offerings – non-numerical model based on qualitative trends

Tomáš Meluzín, Marek Zinecker, Adam P. Balcerzak, Karel Doubravský, Michał B. Pietrzak, Mirko Dohnal
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 77

Page 63-79

Education and gender-based differences in employee motivation

Miloš Hitka, Ľudmila Kozubíková, Marek Potkány
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 80-95

Post-merger returns in frontier markets, or how we learned to stop worrying and love the acquirers

Adam Zaremba, Adam Szyszka, Michał Płotnicki, Przemysław Grobelny
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 74

Page 96-109

U.S. stock market P/E ratios, structural breaks, and long-term stock returns

Chung Baek, Ingyu Lee
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 80

Page 110-123

Effects of cross-border mergers and acquisitions on GDP per capita and domestic investment in transition countries

Jelena Zvezdanović Lobanova, Davorin Kračun, Alenka Kavkler
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 70

Page 124-137

Firm growth types and key macroeconomic aggregates through the economic cycle

Petra Došenović Bonča, Maks Tajnikar, Nina Ponikvar, Barbara Mörec
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 66

Page 138-153

Game theory based multi criteria decision making problem under uncertainty: a case study on Indian Tea Industry

Animesh Debnath, Abhirup Bandyopadhyay, Jagannath Roy, Samarjit Kar
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 154-175

Remedial role of financial development in corporate investment amid financing constraints and agency costs

Muhammad Kaleem Khan, Ying He, Ahmad Kaleem, Umair Akram, Zahid Hussain
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 176-191

Page 192-212

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