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Published: 2020-01-20

Environmental Engineering / Aplinkos inžinerija

Cleaning of H2S from polluted air using peat biofilter

Rasa Vaiškūnaitė
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 37

Experimental test stand of a heat pump integrated in air handling unit

Anton Frik, Juozas Bielskus
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 32

Analysis of pedestrian and bicycle safety on the most accidental streets in Vilnius city

Miglė Skirmantė, Marija Burinskienė
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 34

The options of waste heat utilization in a building of medical product’s manufacture

Giedrius Šiupšinskas, Martynas Blinstrubis
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 33

Application of roller-compacted concrete in freight terminals

Rafal Mickevič, Audrius Vaitkus
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 40

Study of road and street horizontal marking reflectivity

Ignas Vasiliauskas, Audrius Vaitkus
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 37

Information Technologies & Multimedia/Informacinės technologijos ir multimedija

Electronics and Electrical Engineering / Elektronika ir elektros inžinerija

Stepless compensator of reactive power

Martynas Šapurov, Edvardas Bielskis, Vytautas Bleizgys, Aldas Dervinis
Abstract 361 | PDF Downloads 244

Design and investigation of resistor matrix for active analog RC filters

Leonid Kladovščikov, Romualdas Navickas
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 180

Development of high power microsecond pulse generator

Martynas Šapurov, Aldas Dervinis, Edvardas Bielskis, Vytautas Bleizgys
Abstract 374 | PDF Downloads 193

Modern methods for detection of unmanned aerial vehicles

Tomas Jačionis
Abstract 420 | PDF Downloads 261

Overview of Kubernetes CNI plugins performance

Narūnas Kapočius
Abstract 606 | PDF Downloads 337

Dynamic signals filtration in high level noise condition

Matsvei Hvozdzeu, Maksim Karpovich
Abstract 221 | PDF Downloads 107

Transport Engineering and Management / Transporto inžinerija ir vadyba

Investigation of solutions for interoperability between intermodal transport terminals

Raimondas Šakalys, Nijolė Batarlienė
Abstract 344 | PDF Downloads 188

Research on transport enterprise technological development directions

Kristina Vaičiūtė, Gintautas Bureika
Abstract 430 | PDF Downloads 235

K. Šešelgis’ Readings / K. Šešelgio skaitymai

Using skeletons of urban shape to model social capital in Lithunania

Marius Ivaškevičius
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 80

Communication, Creativity, Innovations / Komunikacija, kūrybiškumas, inovacijos

Creativity and speciality language in the context of the development of key competences

Angelika Petrėtienė, Jacinta Daukšienė, Jolita Grašienė
Abstract 370 | PDF Downloads 180

Communicating Lithuania’s destination branding

Živilė Sederevičiūtė-Pačiauskienė, Karolina Katinaitė
Abstract 211 | PDF Downloads 113

Civil Engineering / Statybos inžinerija

Efficiency of facility management: theoretical aspects

Jovita Babinskė, Rasa Apanavičienė
Abstract 532 | PDF Downloads 310

Analysis of participants and significance factors in construction supply chain

Giedrius Fugalis, Darius Migilinskas
Abstract 388 | PDF Downloads 224

The analysis of multi-apartment house renovation in Prienai

Justas Matačiūnas, Darius Migilinskas
Abstract 327 | PDF Downloads 191

The research of fire impact for reveal of external thermal isulation composite system with rendering

Tomaš Veliseičik, Tomas Šarauskas, Laurynas Lazdauskas, Edmundas Guoga
Abstract 347 | PDF Downloads 174

Multiple criteria sustainability assessment of the housing markets in the baltic countries

Eglė Rudinskaitė, Laura Tupėnaitė
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 88

Urbanization of collective gardens in Vilnius – issues related to sustainable development aspects

Vesta Sinušaitė-Petreikienė, Jurga Naimavičienė
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 38

Economics and Management/ Ekonomika ir vadyba

Assessment of option price volatility

Viktorija Sodaunykaitė, Raimonda Martinkutė-Kaulienė
Abstract 348 | PDF Downloads 193

Factors affecting customer loyalty for mobile service providers

Miglė Vyšedvorskytė, Neringa Vilkaitė-Vaitonė
Abstract 349 | PDF Downloads 152

Smart technologies and social media in business

Valdemar Nedvecki, Rasa Smaliukienė
Abstract 226 | PDF Downloads 106

The impact of technological innovations on the competitiveness of the telematic companies

Elena Dadelytė, Alma Mačiulytė-Šniukienė
Abstract 227 | PDF Downloads 115

Robo-consultants research in financial technology companies

Enrika Vyšniauskaitė, Algita Miečinskienė
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 75

Application of air derivative financial instruments in Lithuanian economy

Ernesta Latvytė, Raimonda Martinkutė-Kaulienė
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 59

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