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Published: 2019-12-03


A review of adsorbents used for storm water runoff cleaning

Andrius Agintas, Marina Valentukevičienė
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 7-10

Hydraulic modeling of pressurized wastewater pipeline

Karolis Baltrukėnas, Dalius Misiūnas
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 14-17

Analysis of possibilities of usage geothermal energy

Aidas Blažys, Petras Urbonas
Abstract 15 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 22-25

Calibration of results of water meter test facility

Andrius Bončkus, Gediminas Zygmantas
Abstract 11 | PDF Downloads 13

Page 26-28

The research on metrological characteristics of house water meters during transitional flow regimes

Inga Briliūtė, Eugenijus Maslauskas
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 29-31

Research on granular media of stormwater sediments (on the street and stormwater treatment plants)

Ginta Cholomskytė, Aušra Mažeikienė
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 32-34

The seasonal coefficient of energy transformation for real heat pump

Rolandas Jonynas, Rokas Valančius, Vykintas Šuksteris
Abstract 9 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 35-37

Possibilities of analysis of household waste utilization for energy production

Dalius Kriptavičius, Petras Urbonas, Genrika Rynkun
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 2

Page 38-41

Investigation of composition of particle size in sediments of stormwater sedimentation tank

Daiva Laučytė, Regimantas Dauknys
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 3

Page 42-45

Upstream installation effects on metrological characteristics of flow sensors

Eugenijus Maslauskas, Gediminas Zygmantas
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 49-51

Research on stormwater pollution and flow at Kaunas town

Gediminas Rudys, Mindaugas Rimeika
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 52-55

Quantities of storm water runoff from urban and industrial territories at Vilnius city

Valerijus Sauk, Martynas Baltrušaitis, Regimantas Dauknys
Abstract 9 | PDF Downloads 2

Page 56-58

The use of water plants for storm water runoff treatment

Lina Varneckaitė, Vaidas Vinciūnas, Dalius Misiūnas
Abstract 11 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 65-67

Analysis of efficiency for current heat pump

Vygantas Žėkas, Vytautas Martinaitis
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 12

Page 68-71

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