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Published: 2019-02-06


Numerical modelling of magnetic shielding by a cylindrical ferrofluid layer

Olga Lavrova, Viktor Polevikov, Sergei Polevikov
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 96

Page 155-170

Verification of an entropy dissipative QGD-scheme for the 1D gas dynamics equations

Alexander Zlotnik, Timofey Lomonosov
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 179-194

Page 195-217

Numerical simulations for non conservative hyperbolic system. Application to transient two-phase flow with cavitation phenomenon

Boujemâa Achchab, Abdellatif Agouzal, Abdelmjid Q. El Idrissi
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 75

Page 218-235

Page 236-262

Numerical simulation of charged fullerene spectrum

Rafael Arutyunyan, Yuri Obukhov, Petr Vabishchevich
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page 263-275

Difference methods to one and multidimensional interdiffusion models with Vegard rule

Bogusław Bożek, Lucjan Sapa, Marek Danielewski
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page 276-296

Periodic cycles in the Solow model with a delay effect

Anatolij Kulikov, Dmitrij Kulikov, Michael Radin
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Page 297-310

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